Film Series

Family Flicks Under the Stars 2014

Sundays in July at sundown, around 8:15pm

Morgan Lawn, at the top of Spring Street

Outdoor films in the heart of Williamstown! Free to attend. Bring your own blankets, chairs, and bug spray. A free yoga class will be offered by teachers from Tasha Yoga, 7-8pm. Bring your own yoga mat, if you have one.


Jurassic Park

Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

Two paleontologists are invited to preview a new island them park populated by cloned dinosaurs. During the tour, the park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2 hours 7 minutes
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

“Colossal entertainment -- the eye-popping, mind-bending, kick-out-the-jams thrill ride of summer and probably the year.”

– Rolling Stone

Family Flicks Under the Stars is sponsored in part by Summer Sundays of Williamstown. Additional sponsorship is provided by Tunnel City Coffee, West’s Wine and Spirits, Gramercy Bistro, Living Well Chiropractic and Nutrition, Sushi Thai Garden, and Wild Oats Market.

Special Showing

Citizen Koch

Monday, August 11 at 7pm

Suggested donation, $5-10.


Citizen Koch

Starring: Scott Walker, David Koch, Charles Koch

In this searing exposé on the state of democracy in America and the fracturing of the Republican Party, Academy Award®-nominated directors Carl Deal and Tia Lessin (Trouble the Water; co-producers of Fahrenheit 9/11 & Bowling for Columbine) follow the money behind the rise of the Tea Party. CITIZEN KOCH investigates the impact of unlimited, anonymous spending by corporations and billionaires on the electoral process, featuring stories of life-long Republicans whose loyalty is tested when their families become collateral damage in the GOP fight to take organized labor out at the knees. Alternately terrifying and funny, CITIZEN KOCH is an essential and powerful portrait of our political times.

  • Director: Tia Lessin, Carl Deal
  • Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary

“If you have a shred of idealism left, it’s hard to watch Citizen Koch without a mounting sense of despair and outrage over the influence that money has come to wield over modern elections.”

– Washington Post