Special Event

Women & Things


We are here and we hold things in our hands. Those things are tools or coffee or other types of items that we use for making and doing.

I am a woman, mom, wife-- but I am more than these things. I make stuff. Mostly comics, but also portraits, paintings, still lifes, written stories, plays, dances. I also made a human. I love movies. I teach a comics workshop.

This is a tough time. I do not know all the right things to do and there is a lot I don't know. I try. I'm raising my little baby with all the feminist gusto I can muster: teaching him kindness, love, understanding, how to listen and ask questions.

My mom is dead. She was also an artist, a painter. Making these paintings is a kind of calling out to her.

Special Event

A World Without Zinc

August 24, 2017 7 PM

At Williams College Museum of Art

Presented as part of Williams College Museum of Art's Summer School Program: The Library & the Archive. This mashup of mini courses, patio pop-ups, and Reading Room programs take inspiration from two mainstays of academia: the library and the archive. These lively social-learning experiences offer a playful taste of college culture, and tease out new ways of thinking about learning, art, community, and museums. For more information, visit https://wcma.williams.edu/summer-school-2017.

One show only — Free admission!

Is there anything better in school than when the teacher or, better yet, a substitute announced you’d be watching a movie today? For decades, educational movies have been a classroom staple, providing students with vital(ish) information about good manners, proper flossing, the dangers of drugs and much, much more. Historical and hysterical, this collection of classic education shorts from the Fifties through today will have you laughing all the way to homeroom. Who knows? You just might learn something too.