Special Showing

Bionic Stride

Saturday, April 29 at 2:30pm

Bionic Stride follows double above knee amputee Clara Gardner as she travels from the U.S. to Australia for transformative surgery. Local filmmakers Augusta Rose and Joe Aidonidis will be in attendance.


Bionic Stride

Starring: Clara Gardner

There is a suggested donation of $5 that will go directly to the filmmakers for finishing funds.

On August 2nd, 2008, a drunk driver slammed into Clara Gardner and pinned her against another car. The accident would take both of her legs above the knee and subsequently change her life. At the point of her double amputation, doctors told Clara she would never walk again. She has since proved them wrong. After initially being confined to a wheelchair, Clara persevered until she was able to walk again. Frustrated by the pain associated with the standard prosthetics used in the United States, she was thrilled to learn about a transformative new technology available in Australia, called Osseointegration. Local filmmakers Augusta Rose and Joe Aidonidis document Clara's inspiring journey towards rehabilitation and a pain-free future.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/bionicstride and bionicstride.com.

  • Director: Augusta Rose, Joe Aidonidis
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary