Showed at Images 5/1/2018–6/7/2018

Starring: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Gloria Steinem, Nina Totenberg

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RBG is held over a third week. It will continue to show in Cinema Pop-Up through Thursday, June 7.

At the age of 84, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon. Inspiring and influential, the unique personal journey of this diminutive, quiet warrior and her rise to the nation's highest court has been largely unknown — until now.

  • Director: Betsy West and Julie Cohen
  • Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary

“Ginsburg’s life — and its many lessons, both learned and taught — come to entertaining and energetic life. It’s a fist-pumping, crowd-pleasing documentary that makes one heck of a play to remind people of Ginsburg’s vitality and importance, now more than ever.”

– Indiewire