2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival

The 2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is coming to Williamstown, MA on Sunday, March 24th, 2024, featuring 9 official selections. Total running time of the film is one hour and forty-five minutes. For more information on the film festival, featured films, dates and locations, visit flyfilmfest.com. Among the official selections in the festival are Pinawaca, a jungle adventure, led by popular angler and guide, Jako Lucas, in search of legendary and oversized peacock bass; Vivid Dreams, a breathtaking film about a group of friends in search of oversized sea-run brown trout in rugged landscapes; Tunulik, a northern adventure to Nunavik in search of trophy brook trout, arctic char and Atlantic salmon; The Runaround, a high-energy film following a group of friends on an adventure from Walker’s Cay to the famed everglades; Tension, a cinematic tale celebrating legacy, conservation and the American West; and A Ride with Clyde, an unforgettable, unconventional and memorable trip with salty friends into the Tennessee hills. Others include Kendjam, a tale of Bolivian adventures and; The Golden Ride, an unforgettable fly-fishing trip centered around a community of friends as they travel south to Argentina in pursuit of aggressive Golden Dorado.DocumentaryPT3H2024-03-242024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival"2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival"


March 24, 2:00 pm